Die Hard (1988)

The plot of Die Hard is brilliantly simple and highly effective:

A group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) take control of the offices of the Nakatomi Corporation, an L.A high-rise, during the companies Christmas party. While visiting his estranged wife, New York cop John McClane finds himself in the middle of the action as he tries to stay unnoticed while he figures out a way to stay alive and stop the group from killing the hostages and making off with $600 million.

bruce willis die hard

Fox Studio Die Hard Mural. Photo credit : Jay Galvin

Die Hard, as an action film, has never really been bettered. The fact that the film is set inside a 40 story building, it’s claustrophobic at times which makes it all the more thrilling to watch, some of the action scenes are absolutely breathtaking – even by todays standards. As well as the action Die Hard is actually very funny, Willis’ character manages to take sarcasm to a new level and much of the story outside of the building featuring Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson and the F.B.I is very tongue in cheek and very amusing to watch. The performances are also excellent, Willis shines in a role that couldn’t have been played by anyone else and Alan Rickman as the almost pantomime villain is sensational.

What more could you want? Die Hard is simply one of the best action films ever made, the story is great and very well written, while director John McTiernan has failed to reach this level since. A classic.


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